This wedding cermony took my breath away but other thoughts sprung to mind: “It’s dangerous! Did they get wedding insurance? Think of the cost!”  Also it’s so exclusive – only the people who shared their amazing/crazy passion (and celebrant) could be a part of their moment. But this couple thought “who cares, we love this idea, lets throw out the marriage script” and so they went out and made it a reality. This ceremony is the definition of being brave and having the day you and your beau want.  As a celebrant this inspired me so much.-, seize the day and your wedding!

A very unique Spacenet wedding

This wedding is out of this world 👰🤵Video footage via How NOT to Highline

Posted by Matador Network on Tuesday, 14 August 2018

All too often when arranging events in our lives we think “what will my guests want, what will make them happy, will they have fun?” But really you should be thinking “what do I want, what party would I want to go to, what do I want to do?” and if you, the stars of the show, are happy I’m sure your guest will be too.

As a celebrant, one of my most memoriable ceremonies took place in the Lake District.  This couple loved the idea of having a one-off ceremony, in a location with meaning to them and something out of the box. Driving through Borrowdale, looking for venues, they passed a field they liked the look of. They asked the owner if they could hire it for their wedding ceremony and he said yes, it was that simple. If you don’t ask, you’ll never know. The wedding day itself was beautiful, bright sunshine, a tipi full of homemade goodies and they said their wedding vows in front of everyone they love. Sure, they ran the risk of torrential rain, soggy guests and muddy heels but you know what, it was the definition of perfection because it was what they wanted. Be brave and have the wedding you want, not the wedding people want you to have! If you want a wedding ceremony in the middle of the Lakes, on a secluded beach or 400ft in the air get in touch with me, nkceremonies