So you have spent months planning and creating, buying and booking and as your wedding date draws nearer, you are starting to put together the final touches that will make your day uniquely you. Choosing the right music for your ceremony can be both a joyous and, for some, painstaking task so here are a few tips on picking the perfect tracks for your day:

1. Choose music you like to listen to together

When you’re driving in the car and ‘that song’ comes on and you both start rocking out – include that! It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t talk about love, marriage or romance. You both love the song and so it shows who you are as a couple. Your wedding ceremony should be about you and your love, not some bog standard ordinary song. You are anything but ordinary!

2. Tie your song choices to memories Remember that time you watched Mumford & Sons play ‘Little Lion Man’ at Glastonbury? The sun was just setting and your man was behind you with both arms wrapped around your shoulders. You had a freshly cracked beer in your hand, and you both swayed with shiny eyes full of happiness. Right there. That’s a song choice.

3. Don’t Google ‘Love Songs’ Unless you want a bunch of over-used, done-to-death songs that every man and his wife are currently rifling through in search of inspiration, don’t bother. You are better than that! 4. You don’t have to walk down the aisle to a slow song People seem to think when you walk down the aisle it needs to be to something down-tempo. Guess what? You can do whatever you want. You can walk, run, shimmy, dance or strut (Beyonce style) down that aisle however you please. You could take inspiration from your favorite movie, one of my clients skipped back down the aisle to “Life’s a Happy Song” from the Muppets Movie, a moment bursting with joy I tell ya!

5. Choose your songs together I know not every couple shares the same taste in music and that coming to an agreement on song choices might prove difficult, but try and work on it together. In my experience, most couples tell me that this is one of the most fun exercises they get to engage in before the big day. So open a bottle of wine, get out all of your favourite tunes and take it in turns going song-for-song. Make a long-list of your favourites, then shorten it. Finally, narrow it down to your must-haves and BOOM! You have the soundtrack to your ceremony, your day and the rest of your lives (which is kinda the point).

Your playlist doesn’t have to be full of love and sentiment but if they are that’s great too. The songs you choose are just a lovely opportunity to give your guest a little peek into your love unique and awesome love story. Happy picking! Oh and one last thing…please, please don’t pick ‘I Don’t Want to Miss A Thing’ I’ve heard it one too many times!